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Maxis Fibre Internet Coverage

Want to know if your address is within the Maxis Fibre Coverage Area? We can help you check the Maxis Fibre Internet availability.

The Maxis Fibre internet coverage areas listed is for reference only. Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you with the service availability for your location.

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Can I get Fibre Broadband at my area?

It is vital for you to find out if your premise (house/apartment/condominium/office/highrise office block/factory) is within the fibre service coverage area before you consider whether to go ahead and subscribe to a fibre internet service.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone can enjoy the speed and other benefits of fibre internet connection?

But technically, it is not possible at this moment for the fibre providers to deploy fibre optic network to each and every premise in Malaysia.

The Fibre rollout is a huge undertaking involving lots of resources. Thus, it is done progressively over time. More and more area is listed as fibre ready each day.

The fibre deployment started from the urban area where it is densely populated and demand for this type of service is high. From there, the service is expanded slowly to suburban and city outskirts. Generally, if you live in somewhere remote, then you are out of luck with fibre internet.

Approximately 90% of Maxis Fibre and TM UniFi coverage area overlapped each other. The rule of thumb is, Maxis Fibre is available wherever UniFi is ready. However, there are area where Maxis have rollout their own built fibre network called NGBB (Next Generation Broadband). Maxis have exclusive rights to provide fibre internet service in NGBB area, in which case, TM UniFi is not an option.

Contact us with the form above and we will respond to you if you can get Maxis fibre at your home or office.

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