Speedtest for your internet connection

The most frequent question we have about our internet connection is the download speed or simply known as speed.
We are all interested to know if what is the performance we are getting as compare with what we are paying for or what is advertised by the ISP.
Conducting a speedtest is a good way to find out more about the quality of our internet connection.
The official Maxis speedtest page is at: Maxis Speedtest.
Maxis is using the technology provided by Ookla, the same company which powered the popular and trusted speedtest.net website.
Maxis Speedtest
The speedtest required Flash, thus only works on desktop.
If you wish to do the speedtest on your mobile devices, you will have to download the corresponding free app.
Speedtest.net Android App from Google PlaySpeedtest.net iOS App from Apple App StoreSpeedtest.net Android App from Google Play StoreSpeedtest.net Windows Phone App from Windows StoreSpeedtest.net App from Amazon Apps Store

Speedtest.net is the most widely used internet speed testing tool. But it is by no means the only one.
Other notable sites for speedtesting are as below:

Price Revision for Astro IPTV

Astro IPTV

Astro IPTV

Maxis Fibre together with Astro IPTV have revised the monthly fee for a couple of the packages.

The new price for Value Pack 1, 2 and 3 is now RM80.

Superpack 1, Superpack 2, and Superpack 4 monthly fee have been revised to RM138 per month.

More information can be found here.

How’s The Installation of Maxis Fibre Goes?

A short video showing how the installation of Maxis Fibre is done.

You can find out if your area is within the Maxis Fibre service coverage area here.

The next step after you have determined your location is fibre serviceable is to place your Maxis Fibre order here.

What is Standard Installation? More information here.
In what situation will the installation be considered as “Non Standard“? Find out more here.

Internet Terms Explained

When we talk about the internet in general or the internet connection in particular, there are lots of terms being used.
It is good to know what these terms really mean in the plainest language.


First of all is “broadband” which can be definite in the broadest sense. It is an amalgam of two words, “broad bandwidth” and used to describe any internet connection that is faster than the dial-up.
“Broadband” in a nutshell enabled you to do things on the internet that you can never imagined accomplishing using the good old dial up. For instance, video streaming and video conferencing.
Another difference between broadband and dial up is the ADSL technology behind it. With broadband, your telephone voice function is not interrupted while you are connected to the internet.
In Malaysia, the lowest speed ADSL plan of 384kbps is considered as broadband.
Broadband is classified in term of speed and not by mobility. You can find mobile broadband, wireless broadband, fixed broadband (ADSL) or fixed fibre broadband.
As the dial up users dwindled to insignificant numbers, so does the usage of the word “broadband”. Because it is so common now that every internet plan you are talking about is of the “broadband” type.

Fibre Optic

Fibre optic is the strand inside the optical fibre cable that transmit data using laser light. How do optical fibre works?
“Fibre optic” as used in the internet context is actually referring to the type of internet connection served by the purpose built fibre optic network. As opposed to the ADSL technology which is sharing the copper wire with the telephone service.
The bandwidth or the “pipe” of fibre internet is much larger than what you would be able to achieve with the copper wire. With the generous bandwidth, video streaming, online gaming, video conferencing, HD movie downloading and other data intensive activities have become a reality.
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IPTV is an acronym of “Internet Protocol Television”. It is a type TV where content is distributed via the internet cable. Before the proliferation of fibre internet, IPTV is not widely adopted. The ADSL technology could not handle the amount of data transfer required to make IPTV a viable proposition.
With fibre internet, the bandwidth available is more than sufficient to carry the internet traffic with lots of room left for voice (VOIP) and IPTV delivery.
IPTV programming will not be affected by the weather. The HD content will still be crystal clear no matter what is the weather condition.
Maxis Fibre Astro IPTV Bundle

Household Quality Index – Malaysia ranked 36th

Household Quality Index of Malaysia as complied by Netindex of ookla
Household Quality Index is another metric used by Ookla to measure the quality of internet connection. The definition of Household Quality Index at Netindex is:


Based on millions of recent test results from Pingtest.net, this index compares and ranks consumer broadband connection quality around the globe. Quality is is reported in R-Factor, an industry-standard measurement for connection quality — crucial for applications that require a steady connection such as VOIP and online gaming. The value is the mean R-Factor over the past 30 days. Only tests taken within 300 miles of the server are eligible for inclusion in the index.

In a nutshell, the higher the R-factor, the more stable your internet connection is.
The online gaming experience, especially when playing the MMO (massively multiplayer online) game is directly proportional to the stability of the connection and inversely proportional to the ping or latency. You don’t want any lag when you are in the midst of the battle.
With video streaming, the higher the R-factor, the lest buffering you will have to endure. It can be so frustrating if your video stop playing every 10 seconds because of buffering.
Malaysia is in position 36th in a chart compiled by Netindex of the Household Quality Index of different countries. A total of 44 countries are in the ranking.
Lithuania topping the chart is not as surprising as it seems. The Baltic countries of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have some of the best and fastest internet network in the world.
Among the south east Asian countries included in the list, Singapore is in no. 4 with Vietnam in position no. 8.
Quality Index ranking by Netindex - 1 to 22
Quality Index ranking by Netindex - 23 to 44

Malaysia Ranks 121th in internet download speed by Ookla

Download Speed in Malaysia as complied by Netindex of ookla
Ookla is the leading broadband testing application provider which operate the popular speedtest.net website.
Based on the data collected, the results is presented in an aggregated view in the Netindex.com website.
The metric of our interest in the “Household Download Index” ranking by countries.
This index is defined as below which was extracted from Netindex.


Based on millions of recent test results from Ookla Speedtest, this index compares and ranks consumer download speeds around the globe. The value is the rolling mean speed in Mbps over the past 30 days. Only tests taken within 300 miles of the server are eligible for inclusion in the index.

Hong Kong top the chart with download speed of 97.38 Mbps. Next, it is no surprise to find South Korea at no. 2 with 92.25 Mbps. The land of the Samsungs and LGS is one of the most connected country in the world.
Singapore performs remarkably with 89.84 Mbps to rank third on the chart.
Top Ten Countries Download Speed by Netindex explorer by Ookla
Where does Malaysia ends up in this list? The average download speed of 6.44 Mbps landed Malaysia in 121 spot.

Global RankingCountryDownload Speed
102SAINT LUCIA9.23Mbps
118CAPE VERDE6.83Mbps

How does Malaysia fares among the neighbouring countries of Asean? A respectable no. 4 behind the developed nation state of Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
ASEAN RankingGlobal RankingCountryDownload Speed

Maxis Fibre Coverage (NGBB) in Johor

Johor is the only other state apart from Selangor, Kuala lUmpur and Pulau Pinang with NGBB or Next Generation Broadband fibre optic network built and operate by Maxis.
At this moment the NGBB network is covering certain area of Johor Bahru and Skudai.
The only highrise premise with NGBB in Johor Bahru is PANGSAPURI D’ESPLANADE at Jalan Seladang.
More landed properties and highrise building will be served by the NGBB progressively over the next few years.



The list below shows selected location with Maxis Fibre coverage. It is for your reference only and by no means exhaustive.
You can contact us for fibre service area coverage check if your building is not in the list.
Jalan Molek 1Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Molek 1/10Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Molek 1/12Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Molek 1/2Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Molek 1/3Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Molek 1/4Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Molek 1/6Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Molek 1/8Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Molek 1/9Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Rosmerah 2/16Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Rosmerah 2/17Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Rosmerah 2/19Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Rosmerah 2/2Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Rosmerah 2/20Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Rosmerah 2/3Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Rosmerah 2/7Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Rosmerah 2/8Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Rosmerah 2/9Taman Molek81100Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Bestari 1/3Taman Nusa Bestari81300SkudaiJohor
Jalan Bestari 3/3Taman Nusa Bestari81300SkudaiJohor
Jalan Bestari 4/3Taman Nusa Bestari81300SkudaiJohor
Jalan Bestari 5/3Taman Nusa Bestari81300SkudaiJohor
Jalan Bestari 6/3Taman Nusa Bestari81300SkudaiJohor
Jalan Bestari 7/3Taman Nusa Bestari81300SkudaiJohor
Jalan Bestari 8/3Taman Nusa Bestari81300SkudaiJohor
Jalan Sutera Kuning 1Taman Sutera81200Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Sutera Kuning 2Taman Sutera81200Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Sutera Kuning 3Taman Sutera81200Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Sutera Kuning 7Taman Sutera81200Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Sutera Kuning 9Taman Sutera81200Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Sutera Merah 2Taman Sutera81200Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Sutera Merah 3Taman Sutera81200Johor BahruJohor
Jalan Sutera Ungu 1Taman Sutera81200Johor BahruJohor

What are the external factors that might affect your fibre internet speed?

Fibre optic cable for internet connection

Fibre optic cable for internet connection

Internet connection speed, we can never get enough of it. It is a case of faster is always better and we start tearing our hair out if the website does not load instantly.
But the fact is, there are multiple factors which are not within our control that are affecting the internet connection speed.
Some of those factors that are:

  1. Location of the website hosting server, the data is carried by light pulses through the fibre optic at light speed. But even the light need time to travel from one end of the globe to the other. The longer the distance between you and the actual hosting server, the slower the website will load. The difference might be in micro second but it is still noticeable.
  2. Some websites are hosted at servers with insufficient capacity to handle the sudden influx of traffic. The server is overloaded with the constant request for data and invariably, the response time will increase exponentially. In such event, congestion is very much expected.
  3. One or more networks are down because of technical faults or maintenance is in process. The internet traffic is then rerouted to the remaining network and causing congestion in the process.
  4. Too many devices and/or application are running at the same time. On average, in a single household there are at least 8 devices which are constantly connected to the internet. For instance, 3 smartphones, 1 tablet, 1 smart TV, 1 game console, 1 desktop PC and a laptop. The quality of the internet connection will deteriorate if too many data intensive activities such as HD video streaming and MMO online gaming are going on at teh same time.
  5. As a rule of thumb, the wired connection with Ethernet cable will return a higher speed than if the device is connected to the internet via WiFi.
  6. The network configuration of the computer or your mobile devices, if not setup properly will slow down the internet speed. Anti Virus program and the DNS configuration are the 2 most common items adversely affecting your internet experience.

Maxis Fibre is providing the service on a best effort basis. Anyway, your internet experience will be affected by but not limited to the factors listed above.

Sign up for Maxis Fibre Internet Plan now!

Maxis Fibre Coverage in Pulau Pinang

NGBB or Next Generation Broadband (Maxis own built) fibre optic networks is currently available in the Klang Valley, Pulau Pinang and Johor only.
As you would have imagined, these investment intensive infra structure is concentrated in the densely populated and high value highrise premise.
Only in very rarely case that the coverage of NGBB and HSBB (Highspeed Broadband) overlapped each other.
It is safe to say that if the building is served by HSBB (used by both UniFi and Maxis Fibre) then NGBB will not be deployed in that particular building.
At this moment, the highrise premises which come with the NGBB infra structure have entered into an agreement to grant Maxis Fibre the exclusive rights to provide fibre internet to the resident s there.
The below is a list of selected building in Pulau Pinang that are served by Maxis’s NGBB at this moment. This list is by no means exhaustive. The deployment of NGBB is an on going process and more buildings will be added on in the not too distance future.
Please take note that this list is by no means exhaustive.

You can contact us for fibre service area coverage check if your building is not in the list.

SilvertonPersiaran GurneyGurney Drive10250GeorgetownPulau Pinang
Millennium TowerPersiaran GurneyGurney Drive10250GeorgetownPulau Pinang
Gurney PalaceJalan ConcordiaGurney Drive10250GeorgetownPulau Pinang
Menara YayasanJalan Kelawai10250GeorgetownPulau Pinang
Gurney Beach ResortPersiaran Gurney10250GeorgetownPulau Pinang
Astro Sales OfficeJalan BurmahPulau Tikus10350GeorgetownPulau Pinang
Astro Csc OfficeJalan BurmahPulau Tikus10350GeorgetownPulau Pinang
Straits QuayJalan Seri Tanjung PinangTanjung Tokong10470GeorgetownPulau Pinang
Indah BayJalan Bunga TongkengTanjung Tokong11200GeorgetownPulau Pinang
Sky HomeJalan Tanjong BungahTanjong Bungah11200GeorgetownPulau Pinang

Kuala Lumpur – Building with NGBB fibre service

NGBB or Next Generation Broadband is Maxis own built fibre optic networks.
Maxis is the sole provider of fibre service in some of the highrise building in Kuala Lumpur.
The list below indicates some of the building which is currently equipped with NGBB.
Please take note that this list is by no means exhaustive. Please contact us for fibre service area coverage check if your building is not in the list.

Block IJalan Bukit Kiara 1Mount Kiara60000Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Kiara ParkJalan Burhanuddin HelmiTaman Tun Dr. Ismail60000Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Desa KiaraJalan DamansaraTaman Tun Dr. Ismail60000Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Kiara ViewJalan Datuk Sulaiman 6Taman Tun Dr. Ismail60000Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Pinggiran KiaraJalan Datuk Sulaiman 7Taman Tun Dr. Ismail60000Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Ttdi PlazaJalan Wan Kadir 3Taman Tun Dr. Ismail60000Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Turnberry VillasJalan Bukit Kiara 1Bukit Kiara60000Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Cinta CondominiumJalan MadgeAmpang Hilir50400Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Vista Damai CondoJalan Tun RazakKlcc50400Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
One KlJalan PinangKlcc50450Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
2hampshirePersiaran HampshireKlcc50450Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Park SevenPersiaran KlccKlcc50450Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Bukit RobsonPersiaran Syed Putra 5Taman Seputeh50460Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Suasana Sentral LoftJalan Stesen Sentral 5Kl Sentral50470Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Plaza SentralJalan Stesen Sentral 5Kuala Lumpur Sentral50470Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Mont Kiara PinesJalan KiaraMont Kiara50480Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Mont Kiara PalmaJalan KiaraMont Kiara50480Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Laman SuriaJalan Kiara 3Mont Kiara50480Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Casa Kiara 2Jalan Kiara 5Mont Kiara50480Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Puncak PrimaJalan Sri Hartamas 17Sri Hartamas50480Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Twins @ Damansara HeightsJalan DamanlelaBukit Damansara50500Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Stesen Keretapi Tanah MelayuJalan Sultan HishamuddinBrickfield50500Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan
Sri KennyJalan Tun IsmailBukit Tunku51200Kuala LumpurWilayah Persekutuan