Ways to contact Maxis for fibre technical support

Maxis Fibre Customer Service
You are having issues with your Maxis Fibre broadband connection, who should you call?
To serve the customer base better, Maxis have open multiple channels to provide technical support to the users of their products.
In fact, you can get in touch with Maxis for technical support in a couple of ways.
First of all, there is Twitter. Tweet to the Maxis official account of @MaxisListens and the friendly and competent support team will reach out to you. The MaxisListens team will then assist you with your technical issues or other complaints.

Next, Facebook. All reputable companies cannot afford not to on Facebook when most of their customers are already on it. Maxis is no exception. Head over to the Ask Maxis Facebook app to leave a message with your information and you will be contacted soon. It is possible to drop a message at the official Maxis Facebook page too. The helpful Maxis team will assist you in whatever issue that you maybe facing with your Maxis fibre connection.
lowyat.net forum
Lowyat forum is touted as Malaysia’s Largest Online Community. For this reason, Maxis moved their self-hosted forum to Lowyat.net. You can find the discussions here. Open a new thread if you have a particular question for Maxis. The support team will reply to you in a timely manner. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your issue privately, you can send a PM (private message) to the official Maxis profile at Lowyat.net.
Of course, as with the case with all forums, you need an account to PM, post reply or start a new post. If you don’t already have an account with Lowyat.net, then you can easily register for one by following this link.
Maxis Fibre Live Chat Support 24/7
Do you know that there is a live chat feature at Maxis website? Start a chat here if you required any assistance from Maxis. For first time user, you will have to register for an account to get a unique ID for identification.
Maxis Fibre Telephone Support 24/7
Last but not least, you still have the good old telephone to fall back on.
Call 1-800-82-1123 and talk to the ever so helpful Maxis support staff.

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  1. I just sign up maxis fibre for one month plus. But so disappointed.
    Always cannot use when night. May I know wat happen to maxis fibre ?

  2. Ever so helpfully??? You are trying ur best to be funny rite? Nevermind the fact that I had to wait 15 damn mins on the line till someone decided my called existed, non of ur ‘technical’ have called me back on my problem. Please do not repeat ur same mistake over again.

  3. I have waited for your technical support to call me back but non of them call me back on my problem too. If this is the case where you cant even provide a good after-sale service, no point i continue to pay for the line I cant even access. Very disappointing!

  4. How many ways you want me to contact Maxis? Do you mean that contacting the customer service is not sufficient? Do you mean that I need to contact thru customer service, Facebook, Twitter, Google then only Maxis will take actions? What kind of service is this?

  5. I am staying at Residensi Shamelin (Shamelin Star), Jalan 4/91, Tmn Shamelin Perkasa, 56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. I have would like the apply for the Maxis Fibre service but I was told that Maxis unable to provide the service there. Is that true? Why Maxis can’t provide the service there? For your information, there are 640 units there excluded the shop lot. Thank you.

  6. What is the point of having a customer care hotline if it takes about 10 minutes for someone to pick up the call. Has it occurred to Maxis that certain problems are better solved over the phone? I can’t even reach your ‘helpful Maxis support staff’ to help me. Please do something about this poor service.

  7. Have you call 1-800-82-1123 lately?
    Be prepared to hear the computer speaking for 20-30 minutes.
    Then the line been cut automatically…
    Wasting time…

  8. What with the customer service line?? Been on call for more than 30 minutes and no one pick up.
    What happening with the Maxis Home Fibre? The connection speed is less than 10MB speed. I sign up for 30MB speed.
    PLease fix the issue

  9. Saya sangat kecewa dgn maxis punya services, masa suruh kita apply apa pun ok, manakala saya sudah guna teruk….teruk….teruk……, saya nak cancel

  10. i am facing problem with my fiber also. always disconnect and need to restart my modem and router. first it starts with one day one times till now one day i need to restart at least 4 to 5 times.

  11. The disconnect issue was a big issue for me until a technician came and did magic to settle it. I guess you are using the black standing type router. If yes, this router hangs due to the LAN cable that is connecting the modem and the router. You need to strip the LAN cable and cut the power lines. This cannot be done by you. Need the same maxis technician to come. He is the only 1 that knows about this. Call YIP at 0162642952

  12. The connection of the router was a big issue for me. but when i was calling to Hotline the customer service mentioned that is technician issue and shall transfer the call to technician department for further assist. what happened was im holding on the line more than 15mins! this is not acceptable!!
    i had called for several time to get technician to help me but non of them call me back, but received a sms from Maxis mentioned that unable to reach me and send me the Case Number with C12345678 which is unable to retrieve in Maxis System! Please do not play fool with me!
    what kind of service this is? Maxis Fibre is lousy service provider?
    Please do get my problem solve ASAP!
    Kindly contact me and get my issue to solve!

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