5 Reasons to use 3rd party DNS service.

Your internet connection, by default is using the DNS as provided by whoever your ISP is.
The fact is, you do not have to stick with the ISP’s DNS if you don’t want to. Alternatively, there are many 3rd parties DNS providers that you can use.
What is DNS?
The most popular and widely used among the 3rd party DNS are Google Public DNS and OpenDNS.

OpenDNS v Google Public DNS

How to set up OpenDNS and Google DNS. Credit to webmasterfacts.com

The Google Public DNS IP addresses (IPv4) are as follows:
OpenDNS IP Addresses

  1. Reliability – The DNS servers of your ISP can never matched the 3rd party providers in terms of reliability. The redundancy built-in to those 3rd party DNS servers ensure that the downtime is minimized or eliminated. Most but not all ISPs treat the DNS servers as a cost centre. Which in turn shows in the level of investment to install and maintain the DNS servers. If you are experiencing slow response when you are trying to reach a website or even worse, the website fail to load at all. Then changing from your ISP’s DNS to the 3rd party might help to speed up your browsing experience.
  2. Security – GoogleDNS and OpenDNS have incorporated some security features that are not implemented by the major ISP to their DNS. For instance, DNSSEC which is used to ensure all DNS requests are signed and verified. DNS with weak security strength is prone to “poisoning“. A type of exploit that redirect your request for a legitimate website to a shady address which may harm or compromise your device.
  3. Control – You can set up web filtering criteria with 3rd party DNS. OpenDNS provide an easy way to have control over what your children can access on the internet. Or if you are an employer who preferred your staff do not use company resources to access non-work related websites or services, then changing to OpenDNS will give you that option.
  4. Speed – A 3rd part DNS may have significant speed advantage over the default ISP’s DNS. A DNS might not response instantly if the requests for web addresses are high and the server is overloaded. On the other hand, Google Public DNS is built on a robust server network with a lot of redundancies. This configuration make sure that every request will be resolved almost instantaneously.
  5. Web censorship – The ISP level censorship is most probably done using DNS. If you are unable to access certain websites which are prohibited at your location, you can bypass such censorship by changing to 3rd party DNS.
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  1. i was able to setup my unifi dlink router to use dns google before i subscribe to maxis fibre…. now the question is; how to change maxis fibre dns for maxis technicolor router?

  2. Hi!

    I have observed today that my domain name citisense.com (https://citisense.com) is unable to resolve on maxis network. I have a very important service running on this domain name and its being disrupted for all the maxis users only. When I run a “dig” command, i get the following:

    ;; Warning: Message parser reports malformed message packet.
    ;; Truncated, retrying in TCP mode.

    This shows that there is a probability that your nameserver is broken. Kindly help me with this.


    • Hello,
      We wish to apologize that we do not have access to teh Maxis DNS.
      Please contact Maxis tech support team for assistance.
      Thank you

  3. How to use Google Public DNS IP instead of the default IP from ISP? The above method could not work. Even after changing the DNS IP, everything is still the same as default.

  4. The configuration can be done at the router / modem level or device level (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet etc).
    You can refer to this page for more information on the configuration:

    This article is concerning the DNS IP for resolving the domain name of the visited website. Not to be confused with the
    Maxis Fibre: Public IP Address vs Private IP Address.
    Follow the link below for more explanation.

  5. Maxis seems to be redirecting and to its own broken server at Currently this server is returning akamai addresses for google.com, last week it was returning facebook addresses for the same domain. The result is a security warning when loading Google websites, as the certificate does not match.

    So if you are on Maxis, use the OpenDNS servers, not Google DNS.

  6. hello i change dns using telnet on maxis home fiber router, but internet can by pass the all web site and torrent but Voip probelum can’t connect and not register come out from GUI.

  7. hi,
    i recently switched to maxis home fibre. can’t event log in to certain cites like UOB singapore. how is this possible ?!!

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