MaxisONE Home Fibre vs TM UniFi

Fibre Optic Broadband in Malaysia: A comparison of MaxisONE Home Fibre and TM UniFi

The fibre broadband service provided by Maxis, MaxisOne Home Fibre is the only competitor that managed to make some inroads into a market dominated by TM UniFi.

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If you are in the market for fibre broadband, but can’t decide on which provider to go for? Read on and we will give you the low-down of how MaxisONE Home and TM UniFi compared.
The nationwide coverage of TIME Fibre is no match to both MaxisONE Home and UniFi. While Celcom Home Broadband has just joined the competition recently.
Due to the reasons mentioned above, TIME Fibre and Celcom Home Broadband are not included in this comparison.

MaxisONE Home Fibre vs TM UniFi
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Maxis Home Fibre was rebranded to MaxisONE Home Fibre on 16th November 2016. In line with the rebranding exercise, the plans and pricing structure were tweaked to position Maxis as a direct competitor to UniFi.

Comparison between the old and new Maxis Fibre Plans

Pricing Structure

The newly created MaxisONE Home Lite (30Mbps) is priced at RM179, which is exactly the same price as the UniFi ADVANCED 30Mbps. HyppTV, the IPTV service by TM is part of the UniFi ADVANCED 30Mbps plan. On the other hand, MaxisONE Home Lite (30Mbps) does not come with any IPTV at all. Outgoing Voice calls or VOIP is charged on a pay-as-you-use basis for both of these 30Mbps plans.
Maxis is offering the entry level plan of 10Mbps at RM139/month to take advantage of UniFi abolishing the lowest plans of 5Mbps (RM149/month). MaxisONE Home Fibre 10Mbps (RM139/month) is now the cheapest plan among the available fibre broadband plan in Malaysia. For those who want a no frills and affordable fibre plan, Maxis is the only option.
MaxisONE Home Fibre is slightly cheaper than UniFi for the 2 higher speed plans of 50Mbps and top of the line 100Mbps. Not all fibre ready premise will be able to achieve the 100Mbps download speed, though. For instance, units within a highrise building with copper wire for the last mile connection can only support up to a download speed of 30Mbps.

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Equipment Provided

Equipment wise, all MaxisONE Home Fibre plans come with the bare minimum of a modem and WiFi Router. The DECT (cordless) phone for voice calls is not provided. The users will have to either purchase a new DECT phone or use one they already have. While a modem, Wifi Router, DECT phone and STB (set top box for HyppTV) are the standard equipment for all UniFi plans.

Additional Features

UniFi offered more additional features for the fibre plans than MaxisONE Home Fibre. HyppTV Everywhere on 2 devices, iFlix (12 months access), viu subscription and 500MB/day for TM WiFi are the 5 features included with all UniFi plans. MaxisONE Home Fibre is giving away UNLIMITED iflix access and FREE Maxperts consultation with end-to-end setup as standard for the 30Mbps (RM179/month) and above. Although MaxisONE Home Fibre has fewer features than UniFi, it is not a deal breaker for users who value internet speed and stability above all else.

MaxisONE Home Fibre Internet Plan :- Coverage Check

Add Ons

UniFi is having an add-ons galore by offering not 1 but 5 Add-ons. All of these add-ons are optional and come with additional cost. You be the judge if any of these add-ons is worth it for the price quoted.

Installation, Contract and Download Quota

The common denominators for both MaxisONE Home Fibre and UniFi are, free installation (standard only), 24 contract (minimum subscription period) and Unlimited download (no quota).

Fibre Service Coverage Area

Lastly, coverage for both services is comparable to each other. Some area is UniFi exclusive zone and vice versa. Neither MaxisONE Home nor UniFi has an edge over the other in terms of numbers of ports made available to the end users.


For the mass majority of end users looking for a basic fibre internet connection without worrying too much about add-ons, then you can’t go wrong with MaxisONE Home Fibre.
Fibre optic broadband brand from which provider will you choose? Tell us in the comment section below.

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What are the external factors that might affect your fibre internet speed?

Fibre optic cable for internet connection

Fibre optic cable for internet connection

Internet connection speed, we can never get enough of it. It is a case of faster is always better and we start tearing our hair out if the website does not load instantly.
But the fact is, there are multiple factors which are not within our control that are affecting the internet connection speed.
Some of those factors that are:

  1. Location of the website hosting server, the data is carried by light pulses through the fibre optic at light speed. But even the light need time to travel from one end of the globe to the other. The longer the distance between you and the actual hosting server, the slower the website will load. The difference might be in micro second but it is still noticeable.
  2. Some websites are hosted at servers with insufficient capacity to handle the sudden influx of traffic. The server is overloaded with the constant request for data and invariably, the response time will increase exponentially. In such event, congestion is very much expected.
  3. One or more networks are down because of technical faults or maintenance is in process. The internet traffic is then rerouted to the remaining network and causing congestion in the process.
  4. Too many devices and/or application are running at the same time. On average, in a single household there are at least 8 devices which are constantly connected to the internet. For instance, 3 smartphones, 1 tablet, 1 smart TV, 1 game console, 1 desktop PC and a laptop. The quality of the internet connection will deteriorate if too many data intensive activities such as HD video streaming and MMO online gaming are going on at teh same time.
  5. As a rule of thumb, the wired connection with Ethernet cable will return a higher speed than if the device is connected to the internet via WiFi.
  6. The network configuration of the computer or your mobile devices, if not setup properly will slow down the internet speed. Anti Virus program and the DNS configuration are the 2 most common items adversely affecting your internet experience.

Maxis Fibre is providing the service on a best effort basis. Anyway, your internet experience will be affected by but not limited to the factors listed above.

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What should you do if you have lost your internet access

There will be times when you couldn’t access the internet. For instance, web pages, email and other Internet services aren’t working.
Follows the steps below to try and trouble shoot the issues preventing you from connecting to the internet.

  1. Check for fibre internet outages. If you are Maxis Fibre subscriber, please contact the technical support team by dialing 1 800 82 4663. The support representative will tell you if your area is experiencing internet service interruption.
  2. Reboot, restart or reset the modem, router and/or your devices (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet etc)The device or equipment might have some internal conflicts. Restarting them will probably resolve the no access problem.
    • The router to be switched off. Wait 30 seconds and turn it on again.Reboot the router
    • Shutdown the PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet etc and switch it on to reset them.
  3. Check your Wireless devices if the WiFi network is connected. You may have to reconfigure the WiFi network setting on that particular device if it is having problem communicating with the WiFi router.
    • Check the Wireless indicator on your device (PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet)windows-wifi-iconCheck WiFi connectionwindows-wifiiconCheck WiFi connectionWiFi trouble shoot
  4. Troubleshoot by logging in to the router control panel and check the configuration.The log in credentials may have lost in the router. Follow the router technical guide to put in all the necessary details. Once the router is configured correctly, check if the issued is resolved and the internet access is working without any problem
  5. Try switching off electrical appliances in close proximity to the router to reduce magnetic field interfering with the WiFi signal.The electrical appliances in your house might be the culprits of your weak or non existence WiFi signal. Below is the list of common causes, but the problem can be caused by any electrical devices.
      • Televisions
      • Power adapters
      • Microwaves
      • TV Set-top-box
      • Other devices plugged in sharing the multi plug with the WiFi router

      Unplug the power socket

    Switch off all the devices around the router and see if the WiFi signal regains the strength. If yes, then power on the devices one by one and try to isolate the offending equipment.

  6. Reset the router to the factory setting.The router software may have been compromised. In such case, a full factory reset will most probably solve the no access problem. Ensure that log in details (username and password) are saved before starting the factory reset.Most if not all router can be reset by poking a pin or other thin object into the factory reset switch and hold for 10 seconds or longer.

    WiFi router reset to factory settings

    The router will have to be reconfigured once it is reset to the factory default setting. Check if the problem is resolved once the router is configured properly after reset to the factory settings.

In case of all else failed, contacting the Maxis Technical support will be the best option to make sure that you get back your internet access as soon as possible.

Things you should know before you sign up with the Maxis Fibre Internet Plan.

Before you sign up with Maxis Fibre Internet Plan, it is very important to take note of the following points:

All new Maxis Fibre account will come with a contract of 24 months. Termination before contract expired will incur a fee of RM500.

Minimal drilling is required for FTTH installation type (landed property). Installation at building that is still under renovation is not recommended.

Maxis Fibre is a type of fixed or wired internet connection. The router that is provided with the Maxis Fibre will give you the wireless (WiFi) connectivity in the vicinity of your home. The quality of the WiFi reception is subject to interference or obstruction between the wireless device and the router.

The Maxis Fibre subscriber or his/her authorized representative must present during the entire duration of the installation. For installation at highrise premise, a type of VDSL2, the subscriber must communicate with the management to ensure that the MDF room is accessible to the installation team.

The standard installation fee of RM200 is now waived until further notice. If the customer request for any alteration that is deem as non standard, additional may be incurred.

The warranty of the provided Resiential WiFi modem is 12 months.

What is Fibre internet and what it can do for you.

Fibre internet is fast, reliable and relatively affordable. But what is it and what can it do for you?
Fibre optics cable
As the name implies, fibre internet use the networks of fibre optics cable for transmitting information. Pulses of lights are moving across the glass cable (fibre optics) at the speed of light carrying the data to it’s destination.

The available bandwidth of fibre internet is multiple times of the copper wires that the ADSL technology relies on. ADSL is using the existing telephone line which is adapted to carry data in addition to voice. The fibre optics network is purpose built for internet service. Thus it is faster and less interference than the conventional ADSL internet service.

As compare with cable, fibre internet offers a more reliable and stable internet connection. Which provide an overall better experience to the users. The bandwidth afforded by the fibre optics cable, enable other service to be carried over the same network. Voice and TV are two of the most common services that are offer by the fibre internet service providers.

Due to the huge investment required for fibre optics infrastructure deployment, fibre internet is usually available in highly populated area.

What is in it for me, you may ask? Having a fibre internet at your home will revolutionized the way you use the internet.

In a typical household, the bandwidth is at a premium if you have a traditional ADSL broadband connection. The PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming console, TV set top box and not to mentioned the internet of things constantly fighting for bandwidth to connect to the internet. As expected, the connection will get slower and slower the more devices are demanding for bandwidth. It will reach a point where the internet will be unusable because of the congestion. Trying to watch videos on youtube while the kids are playing on the Xbox will be impossible. Teleconference with Skype and streaming HD programs to the TV cannot be done at the same time. You can imagine the frustration of your family members in such scenario.

Enter the realm of fibre internet. The available bandwidth of fibre will be able to handle all the demand place on the internet connection. You don’t have to worry that you might interfere with other users on the same network whenever you want to do something on the internet.

Watching Video in full HD.
The benefit of fibre internet
If you are into streaming video, Fibre internet is the only way to go. The faster speed will reduce the buffering to a minimal if not eliminated completely. What you will get is the smoothest experience of HD video watching that you ever get.

Fibre internet
MMO or massively multiplayer online games are a very popular form of entertainment. You can play with player from all over the world on the internet. But this type of game demand a very high speed internet connection. At this moment, fibre internet is the only option. A split second delay will be the difference between winning and getting killed in the game. If you are a MMO gamer, fibre internet will let you concentrate fully on the game play and not worrying about the lag that might happens with a slower internet connection.

Video calls
Video Call using Fibre Internet
Video call is without a doubt getting more popular lately. There are so many apps dedicated to making video calls. But to have a smooth video call, you would need a fast internet connection. The faster the speed the smoother the experience. Fibre internet is the perfect solution for the data intensive video calls.

Online shopping
Fibre iNternet
There are millions of products for sale on the world wide web. You can purchase any of them with just a click of the button. But if you have a slow internet connection, you will spend more time waiting for the website to load than browsing and choosing the product that you fancy.Shopping online with fibre internet is a much better experience that you will really enjoy it.

The above are just some of the reasons why you should use fibre internet is it is available to you.