MaxisONE Home Broadband Year End Sales Fibre Internet 10Mbps RM119/month 30Mbps RM179/month

MaxisONE Home Broadband Plan Year End Sales from RM119/month

Announcing the MaxisONE Home Fibre Broadband YEAR END SALES.

Get up to RM40 off each month for the entire duration of the contract.
The entry level 10Mbps plan is now RM119/month.
Now, you can get the faster 30Mbps plan at the same price of the old 10Mbps plan, RM139/month.
MaxisONE Home Broadband Year End Sales Fibre Internet 10Mbps RM119/month 30Mbps RM179/month
Hurry! For Limited Time Only!
Promotion valid until 31st December 2017.

Upon the completion of the contrcat, the price will be reverted to the original price from month 25th onward.

MaxisONE Home Broadband now in Sabah and Sarawak. Price Revision

MaxisONE Home Broadband Fibre, newly revamped plans

Effective from 8th August 2017, Maxis has revamped the MaxisONE Home Fibre plans to offer more value to all subscribers.
The major changes involved the streamlining of the plans. Instead of 5 available plans, the option has been trim down to 4 plans only.
Now, you can select from 10Mbps: RM139/month, 30Mbps: RM179/month, 50Mbps: RM219/month and 100Mbps: RM299/month.
All plans now come with a DECT (cordless) phone. Voice calls plan with unlimited calls to all mobile and domestic landlines is included in each and every plans.
Subscribers of 30Mbps plan and above also have the additional benefits of unlimited iFlix access, a more powerful router and Maxperts consultation.

 MaxisONE HomeBasic
Maxperts Consultation
Unlimited Calls to all mobile and fixed lines
Unlimited iFlix access for up to 5 devices for home and mobile
DECT (cordless) Phone
Special Offer for MaxisONE Plan users
RM1 for Chromecast

More Value beyond the Basic Access

Dual-band AC Router (2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz)
More powerful flash memory and RAM
Available for 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans

DECT Phone come with unlimited voice calls to all mobile and local land lines
Available on all plans

Unlimited Access to iFlix
Access to thousand of TV shows and movies
Available for 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans

Enabling all mobile phone content to be viewedon smartTVs
for MaxisONE Plan customers, purchase with RM1 on 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans

What do you think of the new revised MaxisONE Home Fibre plan? Tell us more in the comment section below.

MaxisONE Home Broadband now in Sabah and Sarawak. Price Revision

The new revised MaxisONE Home Broadband Fibre Plan

MaxisONE Home Broadband now in Sabah and Sarawak. Price Revision
On 8th August 2017, Maxis has made several changes to the MaxisONE Home Fibre plan.
We will in write in more details about the changes in our following posting.
Here are a few important notes on the new MaxisONE HOme Broadband.

  • MaxisONE Home Broadband is now available in Sabah and Sarawak. The fibre service is provided using the same TM built HSBB network as UniFi.
  • 4 plans in total are available for your selection. Namely, 10Mbps: RM139/month, 30Mbps: RM179/month, 50Mbps: RM219/month and 100Mbps: RM299/month
  • All plans, including the 10Mbps RM139/month and 30Mbps RM179/month are now come with a free DECT (cordless) phone.
  • FREE and unlimited voice calls to all networks for all plans including the 10Mbps RM139/month and 30Mbps RM179/month

MaxisONE Home Broadband now in Sabah and Sarawak. Price Revision
Drop us an inquiry and we will get back to you with an answer whether your place is covered by Fibre service.

MaxisONE Home Fibre 1 month FREE Promo for 7 States and 5 Area


TM UniFi, a brand name that most if not all of you know about. But do you know that there is an alternative in the market?
MaxisONE Home Fibre, which is rebranded from Maxis Fibre since late 2016 is a viable option for people looking for high speed fibre broadband.

Maxis Fibre rebranding exercise

The entry level plan of MaxisONE Home fibre is cheaper than that offered by TM UniFi. For RM139/month you can get a 10Mbps fibre connection from MaxisONE Home Fibre. correspondingly, the lowest plan from TM UniFi is RM179/month for a speed of 30Mbps.

Maxis Fibre vs TM UniFi

Maxis is now having a new promotion campaign to encourage wider adoption of MaxisONE Home Fibre Plan for area away from the Klang Valley.

Introducing the MaxisONE Home Fibre 1 month FREE Promo for the states and area mentioned below.

Maxis Fibre Coverage Check

Until 30th June 2017, all new users will get a 1 month subscription (FREE) entirely on Maxis.

This HSBB2 Promo is only available through selected dealers only.

MaxisONE Home Fibre is sharing the same fibre optic network and other infra structure and facilities with TM UniFi.

About 90% of the service coevrage area of TM UniFi and MaxisONE Home Fibre overlapped each other.

If you are looking for high speed fibre broadband in the following area, contact us for a FREE Coverage check.

Coverage Check

Hurry! This offer is for limited time only.

Eligible States:

Negeri Sembilan



Eligible: Postcode: 30000, 30100, 30150, 30200, 30250, 30330, 30350, 30450, 31300, 31350, 31400, 31450, 31500, 31600, 31650

Teluk Intan

Eligible Postcode: 36000


Eligible Postcode: 43000, 43500, 43700

Batu Pahat

Eligible Postcode: 83000, 83050

Ulu Tiram

Eligible Postcode: 81800

Coverage Check

The All New MaxisONE Home Fibre Internet Plan

Maxis has done a major make over of the fibre internet plan. The new fibre internet plan is made available to the public from 16 November 2016.
First of all, the Maxis Fibre Home is now re-branded to MaxisONE Home in line with Maxis move toward standardising the products name to MaxisONE.
The major changes are the download speed and the monthly pricing structure.
Let’s look at the download speed offered. The 20Mbps plan for RM178 is no longer available. In its place is the all new MaxisONE Home Lite with the same price of RM179. An additional 10Mbps download speed for the same price is a reasonable deal.

MaxisONE Home Fibre Internet Plan :- Online Registration

But for the new MaxisONE Home Lite, the RM30 monthly call credit is no longer part of the plan. The voice call is charged on per call basis or pay as you use.
If the outgoing voice call is important to you, then you can consider paying an extra RM10 per month for the upgraded MaxisONE Home 30Mbps at RM189 per month. This particular plan comes with unlimited calls to all mobile network and fixed lines alike. The comparable plan in the old structure is the Maxis Fibre Home RM248. The new plan is cheaper by RM60 per month which is not something to sneeze at.
A new and previously not available speed of 50Mbps is created to fill the gap between 30Mbps and the top of the line 100Mbps. At RM219 per month, the 50Mbps plan is the best option for large household with multiple connected devices.
Maxis has offered the 100Mbps Plan for almost a year now. This ultrafast plan is preferred by online gamers. But most of them baulk at the high price of RM398 per month.

MaxisONE Home Fibre Internet Plan :- Coverage Check

With the new price structure, Maxis has slashed almost RM100 off to arrive at the new price of RM299.
The most popular and entry level plan of 10Mbps has also gone through some changes. It is now known as MaxisONE Home Basic and the price has been revised from RM148/month to RM139/month. As with the MaxisONE Home Lite 30Mbps, the voice call is based on pay as you use instead of the RM30 call credit in the old plan.
Now, the 100Mbps (RM299), 50Mbps (RM219) and 30Mbps (RM189) are put in a category of “MaxisONE Home”. The common features of this category are:

  • Expert consultation: Perfect WiFi installation by Maxperts to ensure the optimum WiFi signal strength at every corner of your home.
  • Unlimited iFlix access for up to 5 devices for home and mobile. iFlix is a subscription based Video on Demand streaming service
  • Unlimited Calls to all mobile networks and fixedlines.

The special monthly discount enjoy by MaxisOne Plan users is now replaced by a one time deal of paying just RM1 to purchase Chromecast and WiFi Extender.
Maxis revamp the fibre internet service price plan to meet 2017 Malaysia Budget’s aim of higher internet speed at the same price.
Many of you are asking which is better and offer more value for money, TM UniFi or MaxisONE Home? The comparison is not an apple to an apple due to the pricing structure and the features included.
In our future post, we will take a look a closer look at the comparison between the 2 major competitors in providing fibre service to the Malaysian market.
What do you think of the new fibre plans from Maxis? Tell us in the comment below.
Coverage Check
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MaxisONE Home Plan

All NEW MaxisONE Home Fibre Plans

Maxis is introducing 5 NEW fibre broadband plans starting from 15th November 2016.
In line with the new plans and pricing structure, Maxis Fibre has been re-branded to MaxisONE Home.
All plans, including the ultra highspeed 100Mbps is now available for both the TM built HSBB (High Speed Broadband) as well as the NGBB (Next Generation Broadband) Maxis own built network.
Unlimited iFlix (video and media streaming) access for subscribers of MaxisONE Home Lite 30Mbps (RM179) and above.
All plans come with the perferct WiFi consultation and installation by Maxperts, except the Basic plan of 10Mbps (RM139)
MaxisOne Home Plans and Pricing
MaxisONE Home VOIP iFilx Maxperts

Maxis to announce new Home Fibre products on 28 March 2016

As reported by, Maxis is having a media event on the 28th of March.

Recently, a media invite has reached our inbox from Maxis which stated the telco will be launching its new home fibre broadband service on 28 March. Given how Maxis is already offering home fibre broadband service to consumers since few years ago, we are quite curious of what the company meant by “new” in its invite.

Understandably, there is almost zero information regarding its new fibre home broadband service in the invite. That being said, Maxis did mention that the service is designed to provide “an overall better experience” and “the first of its kind service to complement the product”.


One Month Free for your Maxis Home Fibre Internet

Sign up with any of the Maxis Home Fibre Internet Plans and enjoy a one month FREE subscription!

That’s not all, if you are MaxisOne plan subscribers, you are entitled to a further monthly discount of RM20 (perpetual).

Hurry! Valid until 31 December 2015 only.

Extended to 31 January 2016

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FREE 1 month subscription of Maxis Home Fibre Internet

Special RM20 Rebate every month for MaxisONE plan customers

Free 1 month subscription of Maxis Home Fibre Internet will be reflected in the 2nd bill.

Introducing the new 100Mbps Maxis Fibre Internet Plan.

Maxis is taking the fibre speed to another level.
Introducing the insanely fast 100Mbps Maxis Fibre Internet Plan, available from 29 June 2015.
At the moment, the 100Mbps is only available on Maxis own built network, also known as NGBB (Next Generation Broadband).
Not sure if you are in the NGBB coverage area? Fill in this form and we will get back to you.

Price of Astro IPTV packages after GST

The table below shows the pricing of Astro IPTV packages bundled with Maxis Fibre after the implementation of GST.

Astro IPTVMonthly (RM)GST @ 6%Total (RM)Maxis FibreMonthly (RM)GST @ 6%Total (RM)Grand Total after GST (RM)Monthly Payable after discount of RM 26.50