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At Maxis Fibre, we provide you with the Fibre internet plan with the new unprecedented speed of 100Mbps. The fact is you do need the fastest broadband speed you can get your hand on. The faster the speed, the more you can do with it. With the mega speeds on tap, Online gaming, downloading, video streaming and online shopping can be done at the same time by more than a few people in the household.

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MaxisONE Home Broadband Year End Sales Fibre Internet 10Mbps RM119/month 30Mbps RM179/month

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Blazing fast fibre internet broadband with impressive reliability is a must for anyone who stream movies and TV, listen to music online or play online game. Fibre optic broadband is the best option for shared households and large families.
To get the most out of the internet, you need a fibre internet connection and nothing else. Fibre broadband provides you with the highest download speed among all types of broadband here in Malaysia. With fibre, web browsing is smooth and downloading large files can be completed in a jiffy. Video buffering is a thing of the past with a fibre internet broadband connection. Want to know more? Then read for more information below.

Can I get fibre internet in my area?

One of the disadvantage of fibre optic broadband is, the service is not made available to each and every premise in Malaysia. Even the urban and densely populated areas are not 100% covered. Resident is rural area may not have fibre at all.
Only if you are staying in one of the fibre enabled areas that you are able to subscribe to a highspeed broadband internet.
The fibre internet broadband service providers are now aggressively rolling out to more areas each day. If your home/office is currently not listed as fibre serviceable, it will not be long before you can enjoy the experience of a fast broadband.
Is my area within the fibre service coverage area? There is only one way to find out. Send an inquiry to us via this form. We will check the fibre availability and get back to you with the results.
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What can I do with Maxis Fibre optic broadband internet?

The additional power (bandwidth/download speed) afforded to you by fibre connection is definitely will smoothen your web browsing experience. But the fibre speed is really coming to its own with some of the online activities that you may involve in.
First of all, downloading files of all sizes (video and audio) is a breeze. Multiple devices can be connected to the internet at the same time without any noticeable degradation of speed. Each and every member of the family can get online at the same time.
Streaming HD (high definition) movies or TV series with no or minimal buffering is now possible with fibre internet. Watching Youtube or iFix is so much more enjoyable with fibre broadband.
A highspeed and low latency internet connection is even more crucial for you if you are a serious MMO (Massively multiplayer online) gamer. Your performance will improve tremendously if you don’t have to deal with high latency (ping) issue.
Video calls with Skype or other client is a useful communication tool to keep in touch with friends, family members, business partners or colleagues. Streaming real time video can be data intensive. The fast and unlimited fibre internet plan will ensure that the video call is smooth and productive.

Is fibre internet the right choice for me?

A highspeed fibre internet connection used to be more expensive than other option such as ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line). As the fibre proliferation gains pace, the price is actually not much different from other types of internet connection.
Fibre internet plan has a clear advantage over the mobile (cell data) broadband plan with its unlimited download quota feature.
You will certainly extract the full benefits of fibre broadband internet if one or more of the below items best describes you.

  • Staying in a house with a large family.
  • Sharing accommodation with a few other people.
  • Downloading large files frequently.
  • Watching movies or TV programs online.
  • Streaming Youtube video on a regular basis.
  • Into serious online gaming.
  • Regularly using Skype or other means for video calls.

Need assistance to choose a fibre internet plan? Contact us and we are more than happy to help you.
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