At Maxis we will provide you with the Fibre internet plan with an amazing speed of 30Mbps. The fact is you do need the fastest broadband speed you can get your hand on. The faster the speed, the more you can do with it. With the mega speeds on tap, Online gaming, downloading, video streaming and online shopping can be done at the same time by more than a few people in the household.

Do not settled for less. Sign up with the most affordable high speed Maxis fibre internet plan now! You and your family deserved the best value in internet plan!

Why Maxis Fibre Internet?

Get double the speed for the same price when compared with competitors; Maxis FibreGet free calls worth RM30 to all mobile, fixed line numbers and IDD destinations.Watch your favourite shows, play games, browse, chat, shop and surf without limits.

Get The Full Fibre Experience

Sign up today and surf at speeds like never before with Maxis Fibre Internet Plan!

Highly recommended for first time fibre internet users. Ideal for everyday internet usage; Maxis FibreMore speed for everyone at home. Recommended if you have multiple devices connected 24/7; Maxis Fibre Internet PlantIf buffering is not an option, then you will want this plan. Recommended for heavy internet users; Maxis Home Fibre

*Price exclusive of 6% GST

Free RM30 Home Voice Credit

Free RM30 credits for voice calls each month

Call to mobile, fixed numbers and IDD destinations from your DECT phone (not provided) with any of the above plans!

No monthly fees • Unlimited Free Calls to Maxis Fixed Lines

  • 24-month contract is applicable to all plans.
  • DECT Phone not provided in the package.
  • Termination fee of RM500 is applicable if termination is within contract period.
  • A RM75 phone service deposit for Malaysians is waived until further notice. RM500 deposit for non-Malaysians is applicable.
  • Upon completion of free minutes: Subsequent call charges to Maxis mobile and non-Maxis mobile is RM0.09/min. Call charges to non-Maxis fixed lines are RM0.05/min (local calls) and RM0.09/min (nationwide calls). Calls are charged in 20-second blocks for Maxis fixed lines and Maxis mobile.